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Holy cow, have the past couple of months been a whirlwind of cons and workworkwork -- and it doesn’t look like June’s gonna move any slower, (albeit with less cons!)

Just wanted to give everyone a head’s up that the KATEshop has been updated of late! The line-up’s been tidied and some new items added, including:

A NOTE FOR MY DARLING DENVER COMIC CON PEEPS: if you were interested in an Avengers Drinkies print that I ran out of at the con, (such as Loki, Pietro, or Bruce,) they are currently being restocked, so snag one today and they’ll ship shortly.

MY FIRST ARS GOETIA NOTE: this item’s also being restocked and is shipping out as fast as I get new ones in. Thanks for everyone’s patience! Please note that, as of today, My First Ars Goetia ships to North American addresses ONLY.

SHIPPING UPDATE: General S+H is $5 USD for Domestic (US) orders and $10 USD for International. For any orders containing books, S+H is $10 USD for Domestic (US) orders and $20 USD for International orders. 

Kate Sherron